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Quantic Overview

Introduction to Quantic
Quantic is the next innovative DeFi release for the Binance Smart Chain that is designed to provide holders of $QUANTIC high passive returns just by holding the token, in which the smart contract does all the work for them. We combine revolutionary auto-staking features with passive BUSD rewards to make staking easier and more rewarding for investors.
Quantic’s innovative Auto-Stake feature allows for automatic staking and compounding for all holders of the native token $QUANTIC. We have set the APY aggressively at 100,000% annually, resulting with a high fixed rate of approximately 1.87% daily returns (0.039435601% every 30 minutes) which outpaces most returns from traditional banking and crypto staking platforms.
  • Fixed APY Rebase Rewards: It is common for DeFi contracts to allow the APY to vary dynamically based on the push and pull of the system. This creates a problem for those that lack the time to constantly monitor their assets. Quantic pays $QUANTIC holders a fixed return every 30 minutes, resulting in a set APY of 100,000%.
  • Passive BUSD Rewards: Quantic is the first project on Binance Smart Chain to offer two forms of automated passive rewards in one token. Holders of Quantic tokens will also receive BUSD rewards just for holding, which are funded directly from 3% of all transaction volume. Combining both high yield APY and BUSD rewards establishes Quantic as an innovator in the Defi-Market.
  • Convenient Rewards: Every wallet that purchases $QUANTIC will automatically be staking their tokens direct from their wallet, using our Auto-Staking feature. This avoids the hassle of trying to interact with dApps from your device or remembering where your tokens are being held.
  • Frequent Rewards: Many staking platforms rely on rewards paid daily or at best every eight hours. Quantic’s Auto-Staking pays rewards every 30 minutes, making it more convenient for users and the fastest auto-staking protocol in the space.
The tokenomics of $QUANTIC: the sustainability and treasury wallets are designed to support the integrity of Quantic’s reward system, while the smart contract handles the day-to-day management of the rebase rewards and the price of the Quantic network through a variety of factors.
The intention is for the $QUANTIC token to be the base for a future Quantic ecosystem that offers a range of crypto products and services, all built from a strong foundation of consistently high APY rewards.
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