How are APY rewards so high in Quantic?

Quantic controls the APY of the Auto-Stake feature by rebasing the circulating supply of the token at regular intervals. Through the rebase function, we are able to set the reward at a fixed rate of 0.039435601% every 30 minutes. Since this happens 48 times daily (every day of the 365-day year), we can calculate the APY rewards as:
But where does the money come from? Quantic is designed to support Auto-Stake rebase rewards through supportive buybacks of the token whenever the liquidity pair in Pancakeswap holds more tokens than 2.5% of total supply. This forms a solid price floor for $QUANTIC, which rises higher and higher as more liquidity is accumulated from transaction volume.
In simple terms, high APY returns will be sustainable from strategic buybacks of the token and by attracting new buyers every day into the Quantic community through marketing and networking.
The end goal is a self-sustaining system that provides consistently strong returns over time to every holder. The addition of a second form of rewards, in the form of BUSD directly from a small percent of transaction volume, is what helps set Quantic apart from other investments.