Understanding APY

APY, or Annual Percentage Yield, calculates the yearly return on investment of your principal investment (in the form of $QUANTIC tokens) once the compounding of interest is taken into account. This contrasts with APR, or Annual Percentage Rate, which is the fixed percentage return in a year not including the benefits of compounding. APY will always be larger than APR.
Compounding is a very powerful force in finance when it occurs frequently and at a high APR. With $QUANTIC, you will receive 0.039% every 30 minutes from rebase rewards that are automatically compounded. If these returns did not compound over a year, this would amount to an annual return of 690% (which is still impressive).
Once compounded, this yearly return increases to a staggering 100,000%. Compounding works automatically as the number of tokens you hold is remeasured every 30 minutes, meaning the 0.039435601% return every 30 minutes is of a larger and larger base, increasing the rewards exponentially the longer you hold.