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Auto-Stake Feature

Quantic’s Auto-Stake feature works just as advertised. All $QUANTIC holders will have their tokens automatically staked from within their wallet and rebase rewards will accrue every 30 minutes that the token is held.
By not requiring a website dApp for token rewards, we sidestep a great deal of potential technical problems (through the servers, or users being unable to connect their wallet to the dApp from their device) and add to the security of our system by removing the risk of exploits.
But what are rebase rewards? A rebase token allows its circulating supply to expand or contract dynamically as people buy and sell the token, allowing the development team to in effect, influence the price of the token by controlling its supply. Utilizing the rebase function within Quantic allows us to provide staking rewards within your wallet rather than through a dApp.
The positive rebase formula will be called on each epoch (or the ‘rebase period’) to all holders of $QUANTIC and is designed to rebase the token such that each holder receives 0.039% of their current token holdings every 30 minutes. This leads to a substantial annual fixed APY of 100,000%.