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    What do I set slippage in Pancakeswap?
    Recommended Buy slippage = 18%+. Recommended Sell slippage = 21%+.
    Please note that slippage may need to be higher if there is significant transaction volume for the $QUANTIC token at the time of purchase or sale.
  2. 2.
    How do I stake my $QUANTIC token?
    Due to Quantic’s innovative Auto-Staking rebase reward feature and passive BUSD rewards, there is no need to stake your tokens for either form of reward. They will automatically accrue in your wallet just from holding.
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    Is the development team doxxed?
    The development team is not currently doxxed, but that may change in the future once we reach future milestones.
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    How often do rebase and BUSD rewards occur?
    The rebase occurs every 30 minutes and is set to deliver 0.039435601% fixed rewards to your wallet in the form of additional $QUANTIC tokens.
    The frequency of the BUSD rewards will be set to every 1 hour but will vary depending on the size of transaction volume and whether the amount being sent to a wallet exceeds the gas cost from the contract. Interacting with the smart contract in some way (e.g. buying a small amount of additional tokens) will always release your accrued rewards.