First ever Implementation of Automation in a Miner
Automation follows the 6+1 strategy (6 days of compounding + 1 day of claim).
Investors can enable / disabled automation at any given time. When enabled, all other buttons are disabled. And when disabled, all other buttons are re-enabled. This is done to eliminate exploits.
Investors can choose the interval of hours between each compound. From 4hrs to 24hrs.
The hours specified for the interval when Automate was enabled, will show in parenthesis on the disabled button.
On the 7th day, the automation will wait a full 24hrs before the claim is made and the rewards will be sent directly to the investors wallet.
A 1% fee, taken from the reward amount, will be assessed on each compound and claim to help sustain the automation.
Note: Use 12hrs if taking advantage of the additional bonuses offered by holding Quantic or a Partner's token.