There are two ways to obtain additional bonuses in Qube:
  • Buy and Hold Quantic tokens
  • Buy and Hold a Partner's tokens
By buying and holding either Quantic, a Partner's token or both, you receive the following:
  • Additional referral bonus
  • Stacking compound bonuses (Max 12 stacks)
The percentages obtained will depend on how many tokens you hold. For Quantic, the more you hold, the higher the percentage based on a tier approach. For a Partner's token, will depend solely on the Partner's Agreement Cost negotiated with the team.
To obtain the stacking compound bonuses, an investor has to compound once every 12 hours. A countdown timer has been placed on the dApp to help facilitate how much time is left.
Quantic Tiers:
  • Diamond Honor: 6M Quantic Tokens = 1.7%
  • Diamond: 3M Quantic Tokens = 1.3%
  • Platinum Honor: 1.5M Quantic Tokens = 0.8%
  • Platinum: 400k Quantic Tokens = 0.4%
  • Gold: 100k Quantic Tokens = 0.2%
Total Bonus Percentage is calculated as:
Bonus Percentage = (Quantic Bonus % + Partnership Bonus % ) x Stacking Count
Note: Percentages and quantity of tokens may change over time for both Quantic and a Partner's token.