Dashboard Overview

Link to Dashboard: https://quanticqube.app/
A: Amount of BUSD Deposited Initially. B: Total Amount Deposited in BUSD. C: Total Amount Claimed/Withdrawn. D: Total Amount received from Referral Rewards. (x) is the total number of referred wallets.
A: An example of how much 100 BUSD will give you if you buy at that moment. B: Amount of BUSD in your wallet. C: Before you can buy, you need to approve the amount to deposit. D: Deposit BUSD. Amount has to be less than or equal to the approved amount. E: Enable/Disable Automate.
A: Number of Qubics Owned B: Current Rewards Accumulated C: Estimated amount of rewards to receive in a 24hr time period D: Time remaining before rewards stop accumulating when an investor hasn't done an action. E: Bonus Percentage received by holding Quantic. F: Bonus Percentage received by holding a partner's token G: The amount of current stacking bonuses to receive. Max 12. H: Button to manually claim rewards. Also show's if early withdrawal fee is enabled. I: Button to manually compound. Also show's your current bonus percentage to receive. Bonus Percentage = (Quantic Bonus + Partnership Bonus ) x Compound Count J: Time left to increase Compound Count by 1.
A: The referrer address. B: Your referral link containing your wallet address. C: Button to copy your referral link to the clipboard.