To ensure sustainability and longevity, a feature was added that would enforce investors to continuously compound before taking profit.
Investors should compound 12 times (minimum in 12 hour increments) before they can withdraw. Should an investor decide not to compound his earnings, and continuously withdraw, the investor be charged with a 80% feedback tax that will remain in the contract.
In Addition, to further encourage investors to compound, there are additional bonuses for holding either Quantic Tokens, Partner's tokens or both. These bonuses for each compound action that the investor will do, can stack up to 12 consecutive times / 6 days. By doing so, this will ensure the long term potential profit of every investor.
The best strategy that the team can recommend is to compound for 6 days and claim 1 day a week. This will increase the investors investment at the same time increasing the daily yield earnings. This strategy has already been tried and tested by several projects and is proven effective.
Note: Funds that are used to deposit cannot be withdrawn, however, you will receive a yield amount on a daily basis.