Each time $QUANTIC is transacted, either through a buy or sell, a sustainability fee is charged to the user to support Quantic’s Auto-Stake system. This amount is accrued to a special wallet and designed to algorithmically support the rebase rewards in Quantic going forward.
The sustainability wallet is used by the smart contract to buy back and burn $QUANTIC tokens whenever the amount of supply located in the BNB/QUANTIC Pancakeswap liquidity pair exceeds 2.5% of total supply. When that threshold is reached, a portion of holdings in the sustainability wallet is used to immediately buy $QUANTIC tokens from the market and send them to the burn wallet, supporting the liquidity available in the Quantic system and backing the rebase rewards.
The sustainability wallet will also be used to support the Treasury in the event its needed to help stabilize and grow the project.
You can find the wallet that holds all sustainability funds here: 0x199b4354075c457882952AAC87e52Fb5DDB6379D