The Quantic Treasury works to ensure the growth and sustainability of the Quantic ecosystem. With each transaction a small percentage of transaction volume accrues to the Treasury wallet, which is used for three purposes managed by the development team depending on the strategic context:
  • Marketing: Marketing is important for every cryptocurrency token, and Quantic is no exception. Our innovative tokenomics and high APY will attract investors, but marketing is essential to spread awareness of our project.
  • Development: Treasury funds may also be used to build upon the existing foundation and fund new Quantic use cases, such as products or services that build off the Quantic framework, to grow the ecosystem.
  • Buybacks: In the event of a significant price drop in the $QUANTIC token, we will use Treasury funds to buyback and burn tokens. By doing this, the Treasury will support the future viability of the rebase rewards in the extreme event that the Sustainability wallet is insufficient.